You cannot experience Gozo unless you go on a boat trip! With us, you can explore the coast, discover sandy beaches and secret coves that can only be reached by boat, and dive into the clear blue waters.   Prepare to be awed by the picturesque coastline that you will lay your eyes on – from the rugged coasts to the sheer cliffs and the pebbly shores, Gozo is gifted with natural beauty.   We will show you around the sea caves hewn out in the rock and visit creeks where you will be enthralled by the seabed and marine flora and fauna.  You can join our tours from Marsalforn which is our standard departing spot. 
However, we will gladly pick you up from any other beach. Our most popular tours are the Sunset Tours, the unforgettable swim with Giant Tuna, the Tours around Gozo and Comino, the Northern Cave and Comino Trip and the Fishing Tours.  For those who wish to put together an own program or route, we will be glad to prepare a customised package. Enjoy a holiday with a difference, where you feel you’ve had a true break from the everyday city life. Epic sunsets, dazzling seascapes, great suntans, fishing adventures and salty sea spray are part of our promise!


Swimming with Giant Tuna

Feel your heart pumping, as you immerse yourself in the water of the Mediterranean Bluefin tuna. Swim with these giant fish as they dart around at speeds of up to 70 km/hr – Be warned that this experience is mind blowing!! After, we will be viewing several picturesque caves around Comino and exploring St. Paul’s Islands, the site where it is believed that St. Paul was shipwrecked in 60 AD.

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Cost for 8 persons, €45.00 per extra person | FREE Fresh Fruits and Water

Sunset Tours

Setting in the west of Gozo, the sun always provides a spectacle before it dips into the sea and disappears into the blue, leaving a dusky world behind! As the sky changes from the picture-perfect blue into a lovely bleeding of mauve, pink and orange hues, the coastline is dramatically transformed with shadows and silhouettes. Join our sunset tours to bask in the glow of the setting sun as it sizzles into the sea on the side of the Dwejra coast. As evening envelopes the scene and the first stars appear, the silence is only disturbed by the lapping of the waves.

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Cost for 6 persons, €45.00 per extra person | FREE Fresh Fruits and Water

Northern Cave or Comino Tour

Explore the caves on the Northern side of Gozo in style and discover the intriguing coastline including the Wied il-Mielah Window! Departing from Marsalforn at 08:00 am or 17:30 pm, the morning tour returns to Marsalforn by 12:00, while the evening trip will deliver you safely home in the soothing light of the Gozitan Sunset.

WE VISIT: Qbajjar Tower on way to Xwejni Bay, Reqqa Point, Cathedral Cave, Inlet of Wied il-Ghasri, Wied il-Mielah Window, San Dimitri Point, Dwejra, Blue Hole, Crocodile Rock and Fungus Rock.

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Cost for 6 persons, €45.00 per extra person | FREE Fresh Fruits and Water

Around Gozo and Comino

MORNING: We start off from Marsalforn (1) visiting Ramla bay, (2) San Blas bay, and (3) Hondoq ir-Rummien on our way to Comino (4). Chill out on the island of Comino and discover the hidden beauty of our little sister island.  Don’t miss out on enjoying a dip in the crystal clear water of the Blue Lagoon.

AFTERNOON: We head to the beautiful beaches of ix-Xatt l-Ahmar and Imgarr ix-Xini, then onwards to the little hidden gem of Xlendi Bay (6),  while passing by the impressive Ta’ Cenc Cliffs (5).

END OF THE DAY: Prepare your cameras for a picturesque sunset at Dwejra(7). We head back to Marsalforn after visiting Wied il-Ghasri and some of the fascinating natural caves (8) dotted along the rugged coast of the northern side of the island.

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Cost for 6 persons, €45.00 per extra person | FREE Fresh Fruits, Snack and Water

Bottom Fishing or Trawling

Fishing Trips depend on the season. Talk to our helpful and experienced staff to decide which fishing trip best suits the season. All fish caught can be kept or BBQed for you by us.

Early Morning or Evening – 3.5 HOURS


Water Taxi

Congratulations, you have found yourself on one of the most beautiful spots in the Mediterranean Sea! We will be your guide and help you discover the most unspoilt and breath-taking spots on the islands of Gozo and Comino by boat.

NEED A WATER TAXI? Give us a call with your enquiry, we will quote a price according to your point of departure and destination.


BBQ Tour

Choose an adequate spot around the island where you would wish to do a BBQ. We’ll take you there on our Vitamin Sea, cook for you and take care of all the rest! We can also tow your favourite ride for some adventure – All you need to do is relax.

For free
Enjoy free cold water and use of goggles.
Use for free
Use our free underwater Camera and we'll send you all pictures taken during your tour.
For free
Benefit from free fresh fruits.
For free
Benefit from free sandwiches when booking any full day tour.
For extra €5
Extra €5 per person for a sandwich snack upon request.
For extra €50
Extra €50 for use of our towable.
For extra €50
Extra €50 for use of our underwater subwing.
Intent on charting out a private event out at sea? If you're planning an outing for business clients or staff members, Vitamin Sea will boost your guests and event. Find out more about our floating services and drop us a line.